Alamo Feline Health Center offers a variety of different boarding options.

For those feline friends that require only the best while you go on your trip we have destination vacation spots for them.

South Purrdre Suite is an open room with multiple areas where they can play, hide or relax on their own vacation. No sunscreen needed!

If South Purrdre is not your style we have Catcun available. Catcun has a calm vibe where your cat can get a good book and take a long cat nap. With plenty of nooks and catwalks this vacation is better than being at home!

For those looking for a more traditional style boarding experience we have our luxury room with two different options available. Luxury with a view offers view of birds to keep everyone entertained. Luxury without a view is just as bright and airy but allows them more rest, great for the older cats who don’t care what those trouble making birds are doing outside. This room is calm for those who need a more soothing environment.

Regular boarding is where all the action happens. This is our basic boarding area but still offers options. We have regular single, double or even triples (for the plus size or those that like to stretch out). This is the main room that has more activity going on. It still allows for rest and relaxation but it will keep them entertained with the staffs antics.

We do supply litter boxes, bedding, bowls and toys but feel free to bring anything from home that will make them feel more comfortable. We do our best to keep track of everything but accidents happen and things get lost so please don’t bring something that can’t be replaced.

We feed Purina EN dry to those vacationing with us so if they have a favorite food or prefer canned food please bring some from home.

If they are on medications please be sure to pack those so they stay consistent while they are away from home.

See our boarding policy for all the details on boarding.

We look forward to your four legged friends visit with us while you are away.